Attention Amarilllo residents, does this sound like you?
Are you tired of the nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that says,
"Another year and NOTHING has changed … What's it going to take to get you to pay attention to your own health?"
It's been that way for years now…
We propose that you look at 2019 a little differently. 
I'll start by asking you another question…
What were you doing 10 years ago?
Here's a little reminder of what happened back in 2009:
Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America ...
Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy …
"Avatar" was released and became highest-grossing film of all time ...
Seems like just yesterday, doesn't it?
Now, here's the bigger question…
"What did you LOOK and FEEL like that year?"
We're not asking these question because we're feeling nostalgic…

We are asking these questions to point out that 2019 is the LAST year of this decade!

(Let that sink in for a minute…)

Oh man…wouldn't it be great to look and feel like you did a decade ago? 

Now, there's no magic pill that can help you do that (although the medical community is hard at work trying to do just that…but that's a story for another day).

So, here's the thing…

Short of medical intervention, the only PROVEN way to look and feel younger is by following a very specific process.
Here are the steps to that process:
Use proper nutrition as "medicine" to fuel your body and burn fat
Add strength training to your regular daily routine (NOTE: Studies show strength training can actually improve your brain function while increasing your muscle mass!)
Include High Intensity Interval Training (known as HIIT) into your workout routine (This is actually how we're SUPPOSED to exercise.  Again, proven by the research.)
Plug into a "Support System" or Community (This single action has been shown to DOUBLE your success rate!)
All of these pieces need to be present in order to make true, lasting change!
Once you have all these parts in place, then - and only then - can you start to turn back the clock and get back to that "ideal you" picture you have in your head!
Take one guess as to what we did…
Go ahead… guess!
We took all this PROVEN research and built a program around it just for you, and we're rolling it out in January, 2019.
It's called "Back To Better",
and it's starting on 1/14/2019
If you would like to work with us here at Custom Fitness and put a plan into place that will reset your clock,
then you need to take a look at this Program…
NOTE:  Please do NOT confuse this program with some cliché "New Year's Resolution" hype.  In fact, this program is pretty much an "anti-resolution" approach.
New Year's Resolutions are completely bogus. 
(Again, more facts…)
They don't work.

Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their new year resolutions!! 8%.

Please don't go there.

Nope. We took all the research I referenced here, and put an actual PLAN together for you.

The "Back to Better" program brings together the 'best practices' in the health and fitness industry into the proper structure.

And we'd like you to be a part of the select group of people putting it to work…

If you are remotely intrigued by the idea of rolling back the clock and feeling, moving and looking like you did 10 years ago, just click the button below and reserve your spot.

One more thing… I'm going to stand by this "REWIND" promise. Please read the bottom of this page to see how we back up this program :)

You don't have to just take my word on this…here's the proof:
Real World Results From Real People
(We're Happy To Put You In Touch With Any Of These People.)
I just completed my first week of workouts and nutrition guidance. This place is more wonderful than I expected. I’m a teacher who never worked out and was tired all the time. I have more energy in one week than I imagined to be possible. My trainer Jesse is amazing. He explains everything and demonstrates it. He takes things at my pace. Kris Stokes the owner worked with me on nutrition for two hours explaining how to be the healthiest me. She gives me handouts and websites to help me on my journey. She also will answer an nutrition questions I have. All I have to do is email, text, or call. She is always eager to help. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that wants a friendly family type atmosphere.
Tonya | 48 

What brought me to Custom Fitness was hearing Kris talking about inflammation and diet. I joined the program and by the 3rd week of the detox part of "eating healthy"my joints feel so much better-( I have rheumatoid arthritis). I have gained strength and mobility by working out and the trainers are always quick to adjust a movement if something hurts. Highly recommend the program.

Rhonda | 55

The team at Custom Fitness has figured out the equation to what it means to be healthy - both mentally and physically - and they can easily adapt that equation to fit your personal needs. Because that is exactly what you will get, personal attention in the best possible way. Every week I feel stronger, happier and excited to work out. They really know how to make working out and eating healthy a realistic part of your life that you can keep doing for years to come. I can't say enough about Custom Fitness.
Stacey | 37
In short, the  "Back to Better" Program
Is The Quickest, Easiest Way To Jumpstart Your Metabolism, and To Safely and
Effectively Burn Off Fat... Guaranteed!
Here's Exactly What's Included In The
"Back to Better" Program
Fat Burning
Meal Plan
Use proper nutrition as "medicine" to fuel your body and burn fat
XX Strength Training Sessions
We design your resistance training program based on your individual needs, not some generic program for the masses -- to ensure that you not only get great results, but injure yourself.
XX Metabolic Training Sessions
All our metabolic training sessions are strategically designed to have you burning fat for up to 48 hours after every workout!
A Sense of
We are not like your typical gym where you just feel like another number.  At Custom Fitness you are part of a community of like-minded people to help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Again, this DOUBLES your success rate!
A Proven Plan
That Works
We've helped 100's of local residents dramatically change their body, melt that extra fat away, and turn back the clock, so we know what works! When you follow our proven system, we guarantee that you'll see results -- and FAST!

& Motivation
Most people never accomplish their health and fitness goals because they have no one there to keep them on track. But at Custom Fitness we are there every step of the way to give you the motivation and accountability you've been so desperately missing.
What Would You Pay To Actually Move, Feel and Look Like You Did 10 Full Years Ago?
Let's find out... Let's "crush the cliché" of bogus New Year's Resolutions Together
Oh, and that Guarantee I mentioned… Here it is:

Full Money Back Guaranteed
If you're not satisfied for any reason during the 30 days, we will issue a refund, no questions asked.
We will provide you EVERYTHING you need to go on your own trip down memory lane and move, feel and look like you did 10 years ago
So… Are you in?
Kris Stokes
Custom Fitness Founder
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